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Consumer Information – Acceptance of Credit

ATA College Acceptance Of Credit

ATA College will give credit to military personnel, both active duty and Veteran, based on the level of training schooling and rate/MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) as it relates to specific skill competencies. This policy is in accordance with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Additionally, ATA College will give credit to any student that previously attended any institution that is Regionally or Nationally Accredited. Credit will be given based on the level of schooling and credits the student earned at the previous institution and as it relates to the program the student wishes to enroll in at ATA College. The School will evaluate the credits earned and convert those into clock hours, prorate the tuition and charge the student the difference.


If the student previously earned 7.32 credits or 125 clock hours at a Regionally or Nationally Accredited Institution and enrolls in a program at ATA College that is 720 clock hours the school will take the 595 remaining clock hours to determine the tuition charge.

11990.00 tuition divided by 720 clock hours = $16.65 x 595 clock hours – $9906.75 total tuition.

Transfer To and From other Schools

Units earned in our programs in most cases will probably not be transferable to any other college or university. For example, if you started in our school as a freshman, you will still be a freshman if you enter another college or university at some time in the future, even though you have earned units here at our school. In addition, if you earn a degree, diploma or certificate in any of our programs, in most cases it will probably not serve as a basis for obtaining a higher-level degree at another college or university.

If you are an active duty service member or a veteran, please be sure you are transferring to a VA Approved College or University. Those institutions must accept credit in accordance with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, as long as you are transferring from an accredited college. If the college denies your credit, please contact the VA or the colleges’ accreditor directly. Financial Aid officers at ATA College will assist you with this process.

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