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Criminal Justice Degree – Homeland Security

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Criminal Justice, AS

Emphasis in Homeland Security

The Criminal Justice degree (A.S.) program in El Cajon is designed to prepare graduates for entry into state, local, or federal law enforcement, corrections, or private security. Students will study the U.S. Constitution, American court systems, Federal and California state laws, and past and current criminal trends. Students will be prepared to properly articulate, format and complete various types of reports and professional communication. Prior to graduation, students will be introduced to the application process for various local, state, and federal agencies.

The Associate of Science is available in four different emphasis areas and builds upon the Criminal Justice & Public Safety program. Students are required to choose one emphasis path in either Criminal Investigations, Corrections, Homeland Security, or Corporate Security & Public Safety.

71 Semester Credit Hours

62 Weeks (15-16 Months)

Accredited by the COE

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Emphasis Curriculum

See full Associate of Science Curriculum

Introduction to Homeland Security & Terrorism

HLS 101

The course will cover the role of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), review the National Strategies for Homeland Security. Also, defined, reviewed, and discussed are terrorism, international terrorism, and the threats related with weapons of mass destruction. The course will review emergency preparedness and response to effectively attempt to mitigate the threats associated with an attack on the homeland.

Required for all emphasis paths

National Security Law

HLS 102

The legal framework for the use of force abroad; incorporated international law as national security law; intelligence collection and covert operations; citizen access to national security information; government controls on national security information.

Homeland Security Intelligence

HLS 201

This course examines the still-developing field of homeland security intelligence and examines what it is, what roles are played by homeland security, national and state/local intelligence, and the types of analytic skills that homeland security analysis requires.

Confronting Terrorism & Intelligence Management

HLS 202

This course of study will focus on obtaining, managing, and analyzing intelligence information. Topics include intelligence collection and analysis methods; team management preparation and planning; covert and clandestine operations; vetting assets and informants; threat assessment analysis; surveillance and counter surveillance; and counterintelligence.

Religious Extremism and Terrorism

HLS 300

This course examines the complex history and contemporary relations between religion, violence, extremism, and terrorism. This course includes the religious context and theories for the religious extremism and the understanding of the extremist groups and individuals from these religious groups and their motivated acts of violence against religion.

Private Sector Securities

CPS 300

In this course students will examine the interrelationships of the criminal justice system to the business corporate security. It also provides an overview into Homeland Security and the physical aspects of the private security field.

Private Security Academy Certificate

Private Security Academy Certificate
Series Description
Part 1 Weapons of Mass Destruction, Powers to Arrest, Live Scan, State Forms, Test, and Diploma/Certificate of Completion
Part 2 To be completed within 30 days of receiving Guard Card. Public relations, Observation and Documentation, Communications, Liability, and Legal Aspects.
Part 3 To be completed within six months of receiving your guard card. Difficult people, work place violence, officer survival, handcuffing, incident scene, courtroom testimony, arrest/search, report writing.
BSIS Firearms Testing, state forms, live scan, range qualification and training, ammunition, range fees.
Firearms Qualifications Qualifications must be completed quarterly/twice per year along with firearms refresher. Ammunition, written test, range qualifications and fees, ammunition.
BSIS Baton PR/24, expandable baton, straight stick. State card and certificate issued.
BSIS Tear Gas Case, permit, canister of tear gas, card, and certificate.
Taser Case, permit, two live rounds, certificate, and card.
Basic Life Support American Heart Association. AED training included along with, test, cards, and student manual.
TECC Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for law enforcement and first responders


Cost of the Program
$17,790.00 Tuition
$450.00 Fees

Graduation Rate (For 2016).
New program. No students enrolled during reporting period.

Placement Rate (As reported to the Council on Occupational Education in the 2016 Annual Report)
New program. No students enrolled during reporting period.

The Median Loan Debt for Students in this program for award year 2014-2015.
New program. No students enrolled during reporting period.


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