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Student Account Setup

ATA College uses several applications to provide the best online class experience possible.


Student Account Setup 1

Setting up your new Microsoft Office 365 account:

You will receive an email containing your new account information, similar to this:

User name:
Temporary password: XXX#####

With this information, you will be able to access Office 365 web applications here:

You can also access your new email by clicking on the exchange icon or here.


Student Account Setup 2

You can log in for live classes here:

The best way to use the live class service is through the app:
It is recommended that you download the app before attending your first class.

This is available for all devices, including Android, iOS, tablets, and PC devices.


Student Account Setup 3

You will be able to access your coursework at

1. Click “Request New UserID” on the bottom of the page.
2. Provide your email (must be same used during application), date of birth, and social security number to confirm your identity.
3. When creating a password, use only letters and numbers. No special characters.

Video Demo


Student Account Setup 4

Your instructor will help you set up this portion of the coursework if your program uses it.

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