What is a Vocational School?

What is a Vocational School
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Are you looking into advanced education and not sure whether you have the time to attend college for 4-years? What are your goals for your education? If you want to start a new career and don’t have years to devote to a 4-year degree, then attending a vocational school may be the right path for you. There are many benefits to attending a vocational school over a 4-year college, but first, let’s define what a vocational school is.

What is a Vocational School?

A vocational school, a technical or trade school, offers training focused on a specific vocation. The vocational classes focus on everything you need to know to start working in a new career on day one. No elective or general education courses that 4-year colleges require you to complete. Just the most important information, and nothing else.

It is important to note that some vocations require certification or license. Whether it concerns client or worker safety or just confirmation of knowledge and skills, certifications and licenses help you prove your proficiency and build confidence in your new employer. If this means you, the good news is that vocational schools will prepare you for these certification or license exams.

What are the Benefits of a Vocational School?

Vocational schools also help you start your new career quickly, offering you a great education, in-class lectures, and lab work to put the theories to the test. They offer industry experienced instructors, a community for networking, externships to get real-world experience and career services throughout your career. Also, vocational schools can help you graduate within months, rather than years. It is a complete education in a fraction of the time spent at a 4-year college.

There are many benefits of attending a vocational school. From a quick start to a great education and more. Enjoy all the benefits of a vocational school and prepare for your new career.

1. Start Learning, Then Start Earning

Do you have responsibilities during the day? Take care of family members, work a day job to pay the bills, or want to learn a vocation and start earning in months rather than years? Vocational schools understand that you may have less than 4 years to get a degree. Instead, vocational schools prepare you for a vocation within months, not years, and allow you to start earning immediately. No electives in 18th-century art, just the vocational training you need to secure a new job.

2. Choose a Flexible Schedule

Many vocational schools allow you to attend full-time or part-time, depending on your responsibilities and schedule. They understand that you may want to take a little longer to graduate and cannot attend full-time due to other responsibilities. A flexible schedule will also allow you to learn at your own pace, study when you feel your best, and take the time to understand everything you will need to succeed in the vocation.

3. A Great Education

Vocational schools work with organizations in the community to better understand what the roles at their organizations entail and how they can prepare you for the jobs in demand. From medical and technology programs to criminal justice and beyond, vocational schools prepare a curriculum that evolves with the industry.

Not only will you learn the theory behind these vocations while attending lectures, but you will spend a large part of your time gaining real-world experience in your vocation. From medical assistant lab work and EKG technician training to HVAC workshops and actual software development using the software that you will use at the organizations in the community, they understand that preparing for a vocation is about more than book learning.

4. Industry Experienced Instructors

Vocational schools hire industry-experienced instructors who have been in the industry, started in entry-level positions, and know exactly what you need to succeed in your new career. Vocational schools keep class sizes smaller to allow instructors to offer one-on-one attention and answer any questions you may have while learning your new vocation.

They understand what curriculum will help you prepare for your new career and what skills and knowledge you need to succeed. These instructors are also kept in touch with organizations in the community and may find out about jobs that the public never even hears about. The opportunities to network at a vocational school are plentiful.

5. Networking Opportunities

While you attend a vocational school, you are surrounded by instructors, staff, and classmates that are all opportunities to network for your future career. You may even stay in contact with many of these individuals and that can help you down the road. It is important to keep in touch with like-minded individuals because you never know when they are going to need a well-trained person to fill a role at their organization.

6. Externships

One of the most important parts of the curriculum at a vocational school is an externship. These externships allow you to learn the vocation with hands-on experience under strict supervision. When you start your job search, you will find out which specific role you are interested in and have some experience on your resume.

It gives you experience that you can put on your resume and builds confidence that prepares you for day one in your new career. Employers are always looking for well-trained employees because they know that training can be costly and hiring someone that needs less training is good for the bottom line.

7. Career Services

Another important benefit of attending a vocational school is the career services that they offer their graduates. A vocational school’s career service will help you build a resume that gets an employer’s attention, prepare you for interviews and gives you insight into the hiring process, and as well as access to job fairs.

The career services staff will identify jobs that best match your skills and abilities, so you succeed in your new career.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what a vocational school is, do you have as little as 9 months to start a new career in a field that you are interested in? Whether it is medical, technology, criminal justice, or one of the many vocations that are in demand for the next few decades, you have an opportunity to learn a new vocation and start earning today. ATA College offers an education you can trust.

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